Appalachian Institute for Creative Learning’s Summer Enrichment Camp:

An Arts & Academic Camp for Thinkers & Dreamers,

Making Learning Fun Since 1982!

July 12-18 and July 19-25

Update!  We are full for Day Campers and Residential Campers for the 2015 Summer Enrichment Camp, and we have closed registration.  Please let us know if you would like to be put on the waiting list for residential campers by emailing us at

A Summer Camp in Asheville, NC.

Our 2015 Summer Enrichment Camp Curriculum is Here! 
Check it out: AICL 2015 Curriculum

AICL 2014 – Video by John Allard

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Our Program

We offer both residential and day camping programs: in our residential program, we serve campers ages 8 to 17 (or rising 3rd graders to rising 12th graders). Our day camp program accepts children ages 8 to 12. Campers need not be certified as gifted, but instead are merely encouraged to decide for themselves if they’d like to attend. Campers stay in a college dormitory, generally sharing a room with a roommate; a counselor stays in another room on the same hall. Our tuition for 2015 is $455 for day campers, $725 for residential campers and $1370 for residential two week campers.

Our Campers

AICL creates an environment in which it’s safe to laugh and learn, to risk and fail, to experiment with something outside of one’s competence.  We celebrate the life of the mind, but we’ve seen too many bright, interesting campers who don’t necessarily fit well in a traditional school model to limit ourselves to those who’ve been classified as gifted.  Instead, we call our campers motivated learners, figuring anyone who shows up to take biology, math, or art in July is motivated. Campers make lifelong friends at AICL.  They experience breakthroughs in their thinking and understanding.  They experience acceptance and new confidence in their social skills.  But most of all, they receive a lesson that we hope will stay with them their whole lives, and that, through all of our changes, we’ve known all along: Learning is fun.

Our Curriculum

For each week-long session, campers choose four classes (9:00, 10:30, 1:00 and 2:30).  All classes are open to all grade levels.  Our classes offer specialization and individualized instruction unavailable outside of private lessons and college courses. The smaller classes, innovative teachers, and longer meeting times allow the same course to be a comfortable introduction for the novice and a new challenge for the advanced student. Classes fill the mornings and early afternoons. Later afternoons are reserved for swimming, volleyball, and ultimate Frisbee. After dinner, there are special events ranging from a talent show or Zombie Hunt, to a disco or group games. During evening dorm time, campers hang out with friends, play games, or watch movies, and then sleep. Campers are supervised at all times and counselors live on the same halls as their groups.

Our Philosophy

Summer Enrichment Camp is a co-ed residential program for gifted and talented children entering grades 3-12. SEC began in 1982 as the Summer Institute for Gifted Children, founded by Dr. Larry Coleman and Gayle Bush. In 2001, the SIGC staff formed the Appalachian Institute for Creative Learning as a non-profit, with new programs and scholarships to expand the reach of the educational philosophy that was the foundation of SIGC. The challenges and support campers find at SEC develop self assurance and foster initiative, enabling students to thrive in their environments. Many campers go on to attend top colleges and universities around the country. The camp was founded with the belief that being around equally bright and involved peers is one of the best motivators for the gifted child. Friendships started at SEC continue across school years and keep campers and staff returning summer after summer.

Our Staff & Location

The staff include talented elementary and secondary teachers as well as university faculty and other professionals, including musicians, actors, writers, and scientists. We maintain a one-to-five staff-to-camper ratio. Warren Wilson College rests among the mountains of Western North Carolina near Asheville and was chosen because it provides a beautiful, safe, fully equipped, self-contained environment for the program.