Base Camp Classes

Sunday, July 7 to Saturday, July 13

Residential & Day Campers in rising grades 6 to 8

When completing the camp enrollment form, you will be asked to select your top choice and a second choice for each period. Campers will receive their class schedules in the spring.

PERIOD 1 (9:00-10:30)

Advanced Choreography (TaunTaun Kim, SB, PhD) Do you enjoy learning challenging dance moves, drilling tight formations, and feeling moved by groovy, funky music? We'll learn a modern dance choreography, including popping, locking, isolations, acrobatics, lyrical movement, and maybe even a little bit of drama.

Drumming & Percussion (Homer Jenkins, BS, Certificate in Music Technology) Explore histories and theories behind rhythms from around the world, and use different instruments to make your own. Bring your own percussion instruments if you have them!

Music Video (Cora Smith, BA) Ready to unleash your inner rock star? Create your own music video to show camp!

Toothpick Bridges (Helen Tynes) Teams build a one-foot long bridge out of toothpicks and glue, then put those structures to the test.

PERIOD 2 (10:30-12:00)

Core Concepts in Neuroscience (TaunTaun Kim, SB, PhD) What is a brain? What is a brain for? How do we study the thing that lets us study...anything? Come learn some history of neuroscience as we unbox the assumptions we make about brains, and how these assumptions can influence everything from our one-on-one interactions to the way we build societies.

Fun With Optics (Christina Smith, OD) Optics is the scientific study of sight and the behavior of light; get a better understanding of how light travels through the world and do your own experiments.

La Costumerie (Helen Tynes) Whether you prefer the whimsical, the comical, the terrifying, or the beautiful, this class is your costume workshop. Learn the history behind why we celebrate holidays like Halloween by dressing up as someone else, and use new and recycled materials to come up with your own creations.

Mach Fantastic (Cora Smith, BA) Have you sailed the stormy seas? Did you step on Quetzalcoatl's tail, only to steal a feather? Perhaps you were conducting the Olympian orchestra that time Poseidon missed a note. Maybe you were in the orchestra. How did you invent the cherry blossom? Begin a new mythology by creating a most fantastic tale!

Music Appreciation (Homer Jenkins, BS, Certificate in Music Technology) Develop an understanding of music through listening to different genres, discussing history, and learning to read music. Get an experience many people will not have outside of a conservatory.  

Python (Geer Prutzman) Learn computational logic and basic programming through the use of Python.

PERIOD 3 (1:00-2:30)

Birds! (Cora Smith, BA) Learn about our winged friends, create bird-specific spectacles, and make cool bird costumes.

Dungeon Master 101 (Geer Prutzman) Learn what skill and sacrifices are needed to make sure your friends have a good time and a great story is told.

Synthesizers (Homer Jenkins, BS, Certificate in Music Technology) Use synthesizers to explore performance, engineering, math, and music theory with an expert from Moog Music.

Visual Perception (Christina Smith, OD) This class attempts to answer the age-old question, "Can you believe your eyes?"  Spoiler alert: The answer is no! Find out why and experience first hand how the brain deals with receiving confusing information from the eyes.

PERIOD 4 (2:30-4:00)

3D Printing Basics (Janalyn Peppel, BS) Learn the principles of 3D design and Virtual Reality,  and use tinkercad software to produce original design.

Dawn of Worlds (Geer Prutzman) Become a god and forge a world in the highly popular world-building game Dawn of Worlds.

Speculative Fiction (TaunTaun Kim, SB, PhD) How do we deal with a universe full of unknowns, with a reality in which we know there are things we don't even know we don't know? Extravagant storytelling has been a powerful tool of the human mind for thousands of years, allowing us to flex our imagination, explore social conventions, and run simulations of internally consistent worlds based on wildly different assumptions. Come experience some of the greatest storytellers of this genre - Ursula K LeGuin, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Isaac Asimov, just to name a few - and write your own short speculative fiction!

Stage Makeup (Helen Tynes) Study the history of stage makeup, learn techniques for different styles, and get hands on experience with application.

The Scientific Method (Christina Smith, OD) In this era of "fake news," what makes for a reliable science experiment? Design and carry out experiments that meet criteria for sound science.