The Summit Classes

Sunday, July 7 to Saturday, July 13

Residential Campers rising grades 9 to 12

When completing the camp enrollment form, you will be asked to select your top choice and a second choice for each period. Campers will receive their class schedules in the spring.

PERIOD 2 (10:00-12:00)

Alien Civilizations (John Allard, MS) Learn about the science of astrobiology and then design your alien species, populate a star system, and simulate interstellar communication and diplomacy with the other civilizations in the class galaxy.

Debate (Nathan Dagenais) Take on the major issues of the day and learn to create and defend a viable position using evidence.

Grendel (David Dykes, MFA) We will read and discuss John Gardner’s brilliant short novel in a week. The savage monster of Beowulf takes center stage in this novel and hilariously, brutally, morosely tries to make sense of the human world. This is about 160 or so pages in 5 days of classes, so be prepared to read the novel outside of class in that time or come to camp having read it. We will devote a portion of class to reading/review each day, but unless you are a particularly fast reader, you will need to devote after-hours time to the book too.

Mega Sculpture (Lizzy Lincoln) Collaborate with fellow artists and create sculptures for installation around campus.

Photography (Anthony Wallen) You know how to work the camera on your smartphone, but do you understand what makes it work? Take a few steps back and learn what it takes to actually make a camera take a picture, then edit and print your favorite image. Feel free to bring your own point and shoot camera.

Relationships 101 (Jordan Mulka, BA Political Science, BA Afro-American & African Studies) What is a relationship? How can we have the best ones? Learn tools for building healthy connections, including boundary setting and non-violent communication.

User Oriented Design (Jeremy Williams) Discover the principles of user oriented design and gain understanding of what information from the users, tasks, and environments tell you about the user experience, then create your own design.

PERIOD 1 (9:00-10:00)

Bocce Ball (Nathan Dagenais) A simple, low-impact game of tossing bocce balls on the lawn, just like people play in the old country.

Eco Walk (Lizzy Lincoln) Did you know that groundhogs are the largest members of the squirrel family and eat ⅓ of their body weight each day in vegetation? Did you know that Mars Hill campus has 60 species of trees? Do you know why those facts are related? Explore the ecologies around you and how you can protect them by better understanding them.

Intuition Studies (Jordan Mulka, BA Political Science, BA Afro-American & African Studies) Study the art of tuning into the magic of our intuition. Communicate with the world and ourselves through imagery, energy, dreams and meditation.

Storytelling (David Dykes, MFA) Turn your real life adventures into a compelling story to be told without a script. We all have a few great stories in us to make people laugh, sit up in fear, or break down in tears. We will work on delivery techniques and crafting terse, compelling narratives.

Qigong (Anthony Wallen) (pronounced chee-gung) The holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing and meditation used for the purposes of increasing and balancing your body’s Qi (Life Energy.) Qigong’s slow flowing movements coordinated with deep rhythmic breathing and a calm meditative mindset is practiced worldwide for a wide range of health benefits, including exercise & relaxation.

Walking Tour of the Universe (John Allard, MS) Go for a refreshing morning stroll and discuss the origin, structure and fate of the universe along with other brain-energizing topics.

PERIOD 4 (2:30-4:00)

Meditation (Anthony Wallen) Meditation can positively impact your mental and physical health reducing stress, improving sleep and increasing focus. Life is busy and sometimes difficult. The more we can stay in the moment, not buried in our thoughts and reacting to things around us, the more we will be able to take life in stride.  Press the reset button on your mind and stay engaged in the NOW.

Poetry (David Dykes, MFA) Reading and writing poetry at the edge of the mind.  We will see how form and daring breaks with form can push language beyond the quotidian and beyond what we know to be knowable.

Shark Tank (Jeremy Williams) Develop business ideas and pitch them to our resident sharks, chum!

What's Their Deal? (Jordan Mulka, BA Political Science, BA Afro-American & African Studies) Apply Personality Psychology to better understand yourself and your friends.

Your DNA and You (John Allard, MS) Explore the science of the human genome and discuss the nature of humanity. To what extent do our genes shape our identities, behaviors, and abilities? How do our personalities develop? How do 3 pounds of brain tissue generate a conscious and sentient mind? What traits are uniquely human and how did they evolve?

PERIOD 3 (1:00-2:30)

3D Printing Basics (Janalyn Peppel, BS) Learn the principles of 3D design and Virtual Reality, and use tinkercad software to produce original design.

AICL Newspaper (Lizzy Lincoln) Extra! Extra! Sharpen your journalism skills and get the scoop on AICL’s breaking news.

Faces of Power (Jeremy Williams) Explore the dynamics of power in society and get a better understanding of how power works.

Mythology (Nathan Dagenais) Before Brad Pitt was Achilles, before Maggie Smith played Thetis, and before Disney discovered Hercules, these heroes and gods were part of the stories that defined Western Culture. Look back into the original myths to see what the big deal is and why we still tell these tales today.