GOOD MORNING, CAMPERS! What was your camp year? According to our calculations, our first camp graduating glass would have been 1988. Even if you didn't attend camp the last summers you were eligible (sure, there could have been a plague, an outbreak, an international emergency, maybe it's just slipped our memory), whatever year you graduated high school would be your camp graduation year. If you did attend until the absolute-last-possible-minute, just remember, when did SIGC/AICL hand you a towel? What year did you walk off that stage sobbing in disbelief into that nice embroidered terrycloth? 

What was your campus? At which campus did you graduate? Was it at Lincoln Memorial University? Do you remember Splitters? The picnic tables? The very long walk up the hill to the pretty buildings? The Tide box-like dorms? Ultimate Frisbee at Democrat Hollow?

Was it at Emory & Henry? Do you remember the duck pond? Did you perhaps actually "accidentally" end up in the duck pond? Do you remember the huge common room at the front of Carriger? Matthews--the bunker-like boys' dorm? That we had the disco in a room that used to be a pool? Waiting in line for lunch with 300 basketball camps?

Was it at Warren Wilson? Do you now associate banjos and mandolins with camp? Do you have pleasant associations with the word "ballfield" even though you hate sports? Do you like freaking Chad out by going too high on the rope swing next to the cafeteria? Does camp for you mean a beautiful, beautiful forest?

Let us know! Let us know your camp graduation year, your camp graduation campus, and where you are at now. We have important research questions! Are LMU graduates different from E&H graduates? Are Warren Wilson graduates the most resistant to bug bites? Inquiring minds want to know. Click the registration form button above to get in touch with us or send us an email at #AICLalumni.