AICL Camper Conduct Contract


Upon signing this document, both the parent and camper agree to the guidelines set forth, and will abide by the discipline actions issued if this contract is not followed.

I will not hurt myself

o I will follow the directions of my counselor, teachers, and AICL Camp staff.

o I agree to follow all Summer Camp rules including those that are not listed on this behavior agreement, including rules set forth by my camp director, teachers, and counselors during the day.

o I agree to refrain from dangerous self destructive behavior ranging from absence at activities and dorm rooms during appointed times to use of illicit drugs and risky physical behaviors including dangerous physical situations like climbing, balancing, and running in inappropriate environments.


I will not hurt others

 o I will be respectful of my fellow campers and all program staff. 

 o I will not threaten or cause physical harm towards others, nor will I possess sharp objects or other dangerous instruments.

 o I will respect the personal space of others and I will keep my body to myself. 

o I understand that disrespectful behaviors include, but are not limited to, insulting, hitting, punching, kicking, biting, spitting, swearing, and lying. 

 o I will do my best to create an atmosphere of harmony and safety for all campers by refraining from gossip, manipulation, mean talk and other social behaviors that are hurtful to others. I will further refuse to participate or repeat when others indulge such behavior.


I will not destroy other people's property. 

o I will be respectful of the camp grounds, the dorms, classrooms and other buildings, and any other location I may visit while attending camp.

 o I will not litter, vandalize, steal or destroy items that do not belong to me.


AICL Summer Enrichment Camps utilize the following if any of the agreements are broken:

Certain behavior is subject to immediate dismissal of the student and the requirement that parents arrange for the camper’s return home.  These infractions include, but are not limited to, violence towards other campers that rises to the level of assault, use or possession of any illegal drugs, any infraction that rises to the level of being a statutory crime with criminal penalties.


Lesser infractions that arise and require official action to curb will be dealt with as follows:

       First Occurrence – First call home. A Senior Staff Member will explain to the parent/guardian what happened and why such behavior is not acceptable. In the case where physical contact like kicking or biting or other such severe behavior occurs, the child may automatically be given one-day suspension from the program, with no refund for that day. 

     Second Occurrence – Second call home. A one-day suspension may be given, if not more, and the parent/guardian will be reminded that the next occurrence may result in the child’s expulsion (without refund). A meeting may be setup with the parent/guardian and camper to create a partnership to resolve any issues. 

     Third Occurrence – The third incident may result in immediate expulsion from camp without refund. The AICL Camp Directors will make final determination for expulsion. 


These rules are set up in order to create a safe and mutually supportive environment for all campers.  This camper contract will be included in your medical form so that you can easily print, sign and send back to us by June 1st.