AICL 2016 Class Descriptions - Weeks 1 & 2

ActingGraham Marema, Week 1 – Hone your acting chops in this performance class. 

AdvocacyKim Popa, Week 2 – Learn to represent your social and political ideas in an effective way through art.  

Alien CivilizationJohn Allard, Week 1 – Learn about the science of astrobiology and the search for alien life, and then design your own alien species, populate a star system, and conduct interstellar diplomacy with the other alien civilizations in the class galaxy.  

Applied PsychologyTara Watson, Weeks 1 & 2 – Discover the psychology helpful in negotiating everyday situations, like how to make a good first impression, why some people become bullies, and how to manage stress around exam time

 The Art of the JokeTara Watson, Week 2 – What makes something funny? Explore different styles of humor and show camp your stuff by preparing your own stand-up routine.

BaglandLeanne Fan, Week 2 – Teach and practice the skill of "outline" aka how to effectively organize information using ziplock bags and colored shapes

Behavioral NeuroscienceDanbee Kim, Weeks 1 & 2 – We'll learn the basics of designing a human behavioral neuroscience experiment, then create an original experiment to run on the camp population. We'll then analyze and present our results.

A Boring Lecture with Professor Jake MorrillJake Morrill, Week 1 – Harvard graduate Jake Morrill will bore you with a lecture about some highbrow stuff every day for a week.  Take notes, this stuff is important.

Building ChallengeNathan Dagenais, Week 2 – It’s a tried and true contest; each team starts with the same materials then constructs the soundest structure they can.

Call of CthuluScott Farrin, Weeks 1 & 2 – A tale too terrible to tell, creatures that spawn madness by their very appearance, a color out of space, a ghastly book full of unspeakable secrets…  How does something so macabre continue to call to us across the chasm of time?

Capitalism, Consumerism, and FreedomAmanda Foster-Brown, Week 2 – This class will offer a space for discussion about what capitalism is and how it impacts society. Alternative economic systems and American “freedom” will be also be discussed.  

CartographyGraham Marema, Week 2 – See some examples of maps from the mundane to the bizarre, but more importantly, make your own. Maps of things you see around you, maps from memory - maps of things that exist, things that don’t, and things in between - maps of things that have been mapped a lot, and maps of things that have never been mapped. Map where no map has gone before.

Cartoon PhilosophyJayden Romay, Week 2, Some deep ideas are broached in your favorite cartoons, from The Simpsons to Adventure Time to Rick and Morty . Take a deeper look at time travel, ethics, mathematics, and other intellectual endeavors.

CITSusan Goslee, Weeks 1 & 2 — A two-week course for rising juniors and seniors. Want to run camp someday? Put leadership training on your college application? This class provides a behind-the-scenes look at AICL. Learn counselor-in-training skills from comforting a homesick camper to planning evening activities. This is your chance to help make camp happen.

 ComicsLawrence Malott, Weeks 1 & 2 – Kid’s stuff or serious art? Modern mythology or mere entertainment?  Have a look at the genre from its origins through contemporary masters of the form.

Computer WorldJohn Allard, Week 2 – Use computers to explore many aspects of modern computing, from computer games, to the internet, to artificial intelligence.

Deconstructing Cool – Leanne Fan, Week 2 – Discussion about what are "cool" trends in the last school year, predict new trends in the coming year, and discuss how it matters to have those things and not to have those things

DINOS!Nathan Dagenais, Week 1 – Fast and slow, huge and tiny, on land, sea, and in the air, Dinos used to rule the Earth. Explore the Mesozoic through fossils and theoretical biology.

DIY Musical InstrumentsLawrence Malott, Week 1 – Make a whole host of instruments from the materials at hand and learn to play them.

The Edge of the UnknownJohn Allard, Week 2 – A fast paced and fun introduction to the concepts of quantum mechanics, particle physics, relativity theory, cosmology, and more.  Along the way, learn about some of the biggest unsolved questions of modern physics.   

Ethics and Public LifeTara Watson, Weeks 1 & 2 – Discuss potential dilemmas in our personal and professional lives while examining famous examples of public figures who are known to have made questionable decisions.  

Fermentation FunDanbee Kim, Week 2 – Learn the chemistry behind your favorite fermented foods, then make them for your gastronomical enjoyment! We'll examine the process of sugar preservation by making jam, the power of vinegar in pickled vegetables, the bacteria that give us cheese and yogurt, and how yeast gives us fluffy bread.

Flash FictionScott Farrin, Weeks 1 & 2 –  Read and write micro-stories.

Fool Me OnceEric Eliot, Week 1— A crash course in critical thinking. We will explore the process of forming beliefs, confront our own biases, and examine a number of pseudoscience topics in detail.

Freecycle FashionAnnie Clark, Week 2 – Using newspaper as a base or an entirety we will construct wearable art out of unconventional materials.  Pool floats? Soda bottles? To-Go containers?  Hopes and dreams?  All fair game.  Also, tape lots of tape and hot glue.  Rounding out the week we will have a fashion show to showcase our creations. 

 Greek MythologyNathan Dagenais, Week 2 – Before Brad Pitt was Achilles, before Maggie Smith played Thetis, and before Disney discovered Hercules, these heroes and gods were part of the stories that defined Western Culture. Look back into the original myths to see what the big deal is and why we still tell these tales today.

Hip-HopDanbee Kim, Week 1 – We'll learn, practice, and perform a hip-hop routine, choreographed by TaunTaun.

How to Improve Your HappinessJeremy Williams, Week 1 – Look at the psychology of happiness, conduct happiness experiments, and learn proven techniques to improve happiness.

InflatablesNathan Dagenais, Week 1 – Give a whole new meaning to balloon art as you build a colossal sculpture from sheet plastic and then install it on campus and inflate it.

Junkyard DrumsKrista Speroni, Weeks 1 & 2 – Turn random items into funky beats! Groove out to rhythms from the Far East, West Africa, Brazil, and experiment with your own creations. Come prepared to let loose. Everything's an instrument and anyone can play!

LARPJayden Romay, Weeks 1 & 2 – Live Action Role Playing.  Create weapons from foam and duct tape then compete in a medieval style tourney!

Let’s Talk About It! –  Lamont Holley, Weeks 1 & 2 – Let’s have an open-minded discussion about current events, social justice, politics, relationships, whatever is on your mind. This class will be an open facilitated discussion class to talk about current events and what is going on in our social spheres. Using activities and facilitated discussions we will unpack and discuss what is going on in our world.

 Meditate EverywhereLamont Holley, Weeks 1 & 2 – This class will explore many different meditation practices that can be used to center the mind and calm the body. We will practice the techniques in class and explore different relaxation, mindfulness and meditation methodologies: for those who already use mindfulness to relax and center themselves and for skeptics who think this is all a bunch of hooey!

Mad ScienceJohn Allard, Weeks 1 & 2 – Create your own diabolical contraptions, concoctions, reactions, and mutations by harnessing the awesome power of science in this fun hands-on mad science workshop.  

Making MerchAnnie Clark, Week 1 – How do you promote your band, your club, your dream?  Merchandise!  We’ll explore creating buttons, patches, flyers and more!

The MarchlingsLawrence Malott, Week 2 – AICL’s own marching band, but unlike any marching band before or since!

Mask MakingLawrence Malott, Week 2 – Something new to show the world, an alter ego, a second self, monster, mystery, mischief-maker.