meet our year-round staff!


Chad Watson, Co-Director of Summer Enrichment Camp, Week Zero, & Week T minus 1: Chad has been a part of camp for a long time- first as a camper, then as staff. He has filled just about every role at camp at one time or another. He co-directed from 2002 to 2005, then stepped back into the job in 2011. He lives in The Woodlands, Texas, where he teaches Pre-Calculus and Statistics to high school students.


 Jessica Young, Summer Enrichment Camp Co-Director:  Jessica has also been a part of camp much of her life, working in a variety of roles from counselor to camp cook before becoming Co-Director in 2012. She and Chad have overseen the rapid expansion of camp and AICL’s move from Warren Wilson College to Mars Hill University. She lives with her family in Tennessee and looks forward to a future when AICL runs year-round.


Tara Watson, Administrator/ Week Zero & Week T minus 1 Co-Director: Tara takes care of registration, outreach, and any administrative support needed by Co-Directors and the Board of Trustees. Before becoming Administrator in 2017, she had worked for AICL as both a counselor and instructor. When not doing camp work, she is a clinical Social Worker with a private therapy practice in Nashville, Tennessee.

David Dykes, Curriculum Director: David is responsible for putting together our incredible curriculum and supporting AICL’s instructors during camp. He has been working with our summer program for over thirty years, serving as a mentor to many campers in that time. He is a teacher and writer currently residing in Mexico.


John Allard, Programmer/ Data Analyst: John oversees computer programming that helps registration run smoothly, simplifies the creation of class schedules, and makes maintaining camper data more manageable for the Administrator and Co-Directors. He is a camp alumnus, returning to teach in 2013. His background is in molecular biology, and he currently lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He devises algorithms for doing complex things with financial securities.

Margaret Hoff, Bookkeeper: Margaret lives in Athens, Ohio and was AICL's Administrator for 8 years, beginning in 2010.  She has now moved solely into her role as Bookkeeper and is very excited to spend more time with AICL's financial side.  Margaret also works a few hours a week with other non-profits in her area and lives on a working Flower Farm with her husband, daughter, and a few fun animals. 

we love our teachers and counselors, too!