Weeks 1 & 2 Info


What to Bring:  Pillow, sleeping bag or sheets for a long twin bed, clothes for a week, toiletries and towels, swim suit, two comfy pairs of shoes (in case one gets wet), sweater, raincoat, reusable water bottle, light daypack, flashlight, almost no pocket money, prescription medication with dosage guidelines, sunscreen and bugspray. Optional: Fan (dorm rooms are not air-conditioned), snacks (though there’s plenty of food), outfit for disco.

Day Campers should bring each day: Reusable water bottle, good shoes to run around in, light day pack, camp folder, weather appropriate clothing and any prescription medication with dosage guidelines.

What Not to Bring:  We have a policy that campers may not bring cell phones, ipods, ipads, computers, unnecessary valuables (electronics, jewelry, etc.), any substantial amount of cash, weapons, pets, cigarettes, alcohol, drug paraphernalia, marijuana, non-prescribed prescription drugs, or any illegal substances.  

How do I contact AICL during camp?  Our office phone is 800-951-7442 and our camp email is aiclsummercamp@gmail.com.  We are mostly out and about with campers but we check messages frequently and will promptly return your calls.  We will be happy to let you know how your camper is doing and to answer any questions you have.          

Sunday Check-In:  Check-in will be Sunday afternoon between 4 and 4:45 pm.  In order to avoid long lines at check-in, we ask that you try to check-in according to your child’s last name:  if their last name starts with A-J, please try to check-in between 4 and 4:15 pm.  If their last name begins with K-P, please check-in around 4:20 pm, and if their last name begins with Q-Z, please check-in around 4:40 pm.  During that time, families can help campers get settled into their rooms, and meet counselors, directors, and teachers.  A little after five, parents will wave goodbye and camp will get under way. 

Saturday’s Farewell Gathering:  Saturday morning will feature performances and the presentation of certificates.  Day campers and parents of all campers are invited to attend AICL closing ceremonies.  Please show up at 10 am to see all the festivities!   

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our administrator, Tara Watson, at aiclsummercamp@gmail.com or 800-951-7442